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San Francisco City Hall Wedding Makep and Hair

I have had such a lovely time being a makeup artist for San Francisco City Hall Wedding Makeup and Hair.  Here is Jen after makeup and hair done by me/Jira on her wedding day 2/26/15. She came before to get colors and deep conditioning done as well, which we highly recommend. Get more information about cuts, color or the Jira Couture full salon here….  

Makeup and hair done by : Jira at  Jira Couture Salon

city hall wedding makeup

City Hall Wedding Makeup and Hair

city hall makeup SFasian makeup city hall

M&H: Sunshine of Wowpretty

A City Hall Wedding Photo : Svetlana + Alex Kohn

city hall wedding makeup


Very honored Alex Kohn from and wife to be Svetlana chose us to be the makeup artists for their wedding day.  Alex is a well known city hall photographer and videographer in the Bay Area… Congratulations to them again!

M&H : Jira
Cosmetics : JiraCouture, NY

Before and After a City Hall Wedding Makeup and Hair : Jessica

san francisco city hall wedding makeup

M&H : Jira
Cosmetics: JiraCouture, NYC

A City Hall Wedding, San Francisco, A Gorgeous Indian Wedding

india wedding city hall san francisco

Photo by Arrowood photography

City Hall wedding Published in Snippet and Ink at San Francisco, Lisa & Jared

city hall wedding sf makeup hair



Photographer: Gia Canali / Hair, Makeup: Nancy of WowPretty / Cosmetics: Jira Couture, NYC

Wowpretty Makeup Hair Agency Showcase Wedding Northern – Southern California

A little quick tip from Wowpretty Makeup Hair Agency Showcase Wedding Northern – Southern California.
Makeup and Hair done by Jira, Elena, Yoong, Nancy, Anna, Vinnie, and Sooyeon, Cosmetics by Jira Couture, NYC

Asian wedding, India Wedding, Makeup Hair Wedding in California

Wowpretty Makeup and Hair & Jira Couture Cosmetics on Pinterest

wedding makep hair pinterest

Please click on the short cut to showcase our wowpretty makeup and hair and Jira Couture Cosmetics portfolio’s from 2012. Please visit @ Pinterest 

We are available to serve you at your destination wedding, at your location, Peninsula, South bay area, North of California, East Bay Area, and our our studio in Burlingame.

San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photos: Ester + Tim

San Francisco City Hall Wedding San Francisco City Hall makeuphotos

San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photos

One of  our Wowpretty clients at San Francisco City Hall Weddings. It was such a fun wedding.  Our Wowpretty team had a great oppurtunity to take care Ester and Tim.  We ‘ve met Ester the 1st time by a referral from Ashely, which were the 2012 bride as well. 

Ashely and Ester had booked their wedding day before we had their trial session. They both decided to have the engagement photos the same day with their trial day. Wedding and Engagement days turned out so awesome as We were looking for.
They both hired one of the best photography team ” Visia Productions”   Wowpretty had the pleasure to work with Visia in more than 4 weddings in 2012.  They are very  professional and great to work with and Highly recommend.

Photo by  Visia Productions 

Makeup and Hair by Jira of Wowpretty

City Hall San Francisco indoor and outdoor Wedding Photos Monica & Scott

Beautiful Photos by Vero Suh Photography