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India Wedding Makeup and Hair

India Wedding Makeup and Hair. M&H : Elena of
India wedding makeup and hair

The Fairmont San Jose Hotel Wedding Picture

india bridal makeupindiawedding

The Fairmont San Jose Hotel Wedding Picture. M&H :Yoong of Wowpretty
Cosmetics :

Photos done by Tyler Vu Photography


Wowpretty Makeup, Skin Care and Hair Lesson

Sanfeeta came to WP today for her makeup lesson. She was looking for us to help her choose a short cut for a day and night makeup look w/o foundation and any powder and wanting to learn how to use bronzer and applying fake lashes. She was also looking the best way to use a curling iron with hair updo styles. Here are the great results with Before / after pics! Makeup & Hair done by Sanfeeta
Instructor : Annelie Sunshine Ortiz-Lerma
Cosmetics : Jira Couture cosmetics

before and after india makeup

Wowpretty Makeup, Skin Care and Hair Lesson

Shruti is a 27 year old engineer she said her workers don’t wear any makeup but she doesn’t care because she wants to look beautiful everyday. She came to WP lesson to learn how to use liner (with wing), pick a right concealer color, foundation, and application. She even said she watched tutorials on YouTube but was even more confused. Shruti left beautiful, confident, and smiling. Go Shruti!’
So here before/after pic, makeup done by her.

dark skin makeup over

Wowpretty Makeup, Skin Care and Hair Lesson

“Sumana, a busy Doctor came to WP for her makeup lesson and wanted achieve a makeup look for night while also getting the perfect wedding makeup look for her wedding day next week. Here are the before/after pic results! Congrats to her on the wedding day again!” Btw, before she left, she said” Can I hug you, Jira” and also she had her tear on her eyes”  

This is Sumana before / after picture,  M&H done by Sumana.

Cosmetics :

dark skin makeup picture

A City Hall Wedding, San Francisco, A Gorgeous Indian Wedding

india wedding city hall san francisco

Photo by Arrowood photography