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Lash Extensions Before and After Picture

lash extensions before and after

Spring Daylight Savings Promo

Jira Couture salon promotions

Wowpretty rating from the Better Business Bureau…A+

We got an updated rating from the Better Business Bureau….A+
So Happy! Busy Busy Busy!
better business bureau

Jira Couture Lashes on ABC 7 News : Finney’s Friday Free Sutff

Jira Couture on ABC 7lash-apair3


Jira Couture Salon January Discounts

Jira couture salon January discounts

Black Friday for JiraCouture!

Promotion starts at 12 am Friday morning for 24 hours. 

blackfriday 2013 cosmetics 25%


Jira Couture Cosmetics First Commercial


My very first commercial for the judicature please check it out shy and edited by Patrick Sedillo CBS5 And directed by me!

Brand Story

Wowpretty Professional Makeup and Hair Agency (wowpretty.com) officially launches “Jira Couture”, a new line of natural cosmetics and skin care. In 1994 Wowpretty’s experience and knowledge came from studying, working, and executing specialty weddings in Asia, Europe, and The United States.

About Jira Couture

Jira Couture cosmetics was created because our Wowpretty clients and brides requested good quality products that would be chemical free, hypoallergenic, natural, and contain organic ingredients for their everyday and ease of use. Our products are simple to understand and have fewer steps involved in applying to get the best look with fewer products. Our cosmetics are high quality and compare to high end brands but at reasonable price. Jira Couture is the best cosmetic solution for the woman with a heavy business schedule or a night out. Not just only for the bride to be but also for a woman who wants every day to be a special day because we know a ”woman’s beauty is so important and we want to make every day special”

Jira Couture, manufactured in New York, offers remarkably natural ingredients of the highest quality such as minerals, pure natural organic ingredients providing vitamins, anti oxidants, chemical-free ingredients, and sun protection with rejuvenating skin and hypoallergenic properties. Jira Couture Cosmetics are FDA approved and insured.


Photoshoot: Every Day Is Speical

asian cosmetic mascara lip stick

Makeup and hair by Jira of Wowpretty

Cosmetics by Jira Couture, New York

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Silver Creek Valley Country Club Wedding photos: Jean & Jason

JeanSilver Creek Valley Country Club.ilver Creek Valley Country Club wedding makeupOne of our beautiful Wowpretty weddings. We met Jean (Bride) from Lele, who was a  former bride in 2010, was the bridesmaid on the right. The Wowpretty team was so honored to meet and take care of Lele again, and of course Jean, Jean’s Mom, and another Bridesmaid in Jean’s wedding. We congratulate them again on their wedding.

Makeup and Hair by Elena of Wowpretty

Photography by Janae Shields