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JiraCouture Tutorial ” Lips Galore!

How to mix lip gloss, lip pencil, lip Mousse and lipsticks together, are great to add color and glow to your beauty.

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Wowpretty Makeup, Skin Care and Hair Lesson

Maria (left) and Linda (right) in their before pic.  They have been friends for 25 years. They booked WP makeup lesson “My Best Friend: BFF ”
Maria was looking for us to help her do correct eye applications and show her different techniques. She watched many videos on youtube and wanted us to help her improve.

Linda was looking for dramatic makeup and she wanted to look different than she never looked before. Here is before/after. Makeup done by Maria and Linda.

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beautiful makeoever


Jira Couture Hypoallergenic, Anti-Aging, Mineral Cosmetics

Jira Couture Cosmetics was created because our Wowpretty clients and brides were always requesting us for good quality products that would be chemical free, hypoallergenic, anti-aging, mineral, natural and contain organic ingredients. The cosmetics are based on a minimalist formula created by Jira. The idea is you don’t need use so much to get the look desired. Our line is for everyday use and ease of use. You don’t need to use so many daily products (and waste so much time and money) in order to get the best look. Jira Couture Cosmetics is the best solution for the woman with a heavy business schedule or a memorable night out. Our cosmetics are not just only for the bride to be but also for a woman who cares about herself and wants every day to be a special day because we know a “woman’s beauty is so important and we want to make every day special”.


The Wowpretty team would like to announce private makeup tutorials by Jira herself and the Wowpretty team.

Hypoallergenic, Anit aging, Meniral cosmetics

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Jira Couture Lips

Jira Couture Lip gloss, Lip Mousse

Ceremony with JC Mineral Lip Mousse

Mineral lip mousse caresses lips with gorgeous, long-lasting color and the luxurious feel of supple suede. This next generation, lip innovation imparts rich, full coverage with a demi-matte, ultra-creamy finish.  Mineral Lip Mousse glides on smoothly, and filling spheres instantly fill in lines and plump – for lips that are lush, soft, younger looking.

Formulated with ARGAN OIL and supercharged with antioxidant VITAMIN E, ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS exclusive MUlTI-MINERAL COMPLEX, new Mineral Lip Mousse plumps, protect and hydrates lips.  In six universally flattering shades.

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Ceremoney wedding makeup

Get This Look with Jira Couture Cosmetics.

Angel Look
“Get the glow that will make you look sweet like an Angel”

The eyes can be the window to the soul. Let it shine by starting with your favorite smoky eye and finish using light colors for lips and blush in tones other than neutral. Reveal your inner Angel on your wedding day or everyday.

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