How We are Different!

  • All master stylists are licensed cosmetologists.
  • Each stylist has at least 10 years of experience and is proficient make-up artists and hair stylists using the newest airbrushing techniques.

Not one stylist is the same and each one exhibits their   individual talents though their work.

  • Large staff to accommodate big events, in addition to our master stylists who can do both makeup and hair. We also have senior stylists who can do either makeup or hair.
  •  We know the prices for our services are above average, but keep in mind that we have nearly 20 years experience and that we have tiered pricing for different levels of experience for our master stylists. We allow you to choose the level of expertise to fit your needs as well as budget. Prices start at $250 for the indoor studio bridal hair and makeup. We feel that we have the best service and reputation and you will be very pleased with any package you choose.
  •  Makeup services include airbrushing and lashes at no additional cost.
  • Once you’re ready you can chose to come to us at our studio in Burlingame , CA at a discounted rate or we can travel to you anywhere around the world.
  •  In the extreme rare case of an emergency, your stylist or can be called back to save you. If your stylist is unavailable we always have additional stylist’s on-call. .
  • Reserve your wedding with a WP stylist to get available promotion before a trial session. It is unlikely that you will decide you will not want to work a WP master stylist after your trial.   However, if this does happen, you can choose another stylist to take care of your wedding day at no additional cost to you, even if the stylist you choose is more expensive.
  • If A Stylist is unable to perform the services above, even though it never happens, Wowpretty will immediately notify the Client and promptly refund all deposits received.
  •  Please allow up to three hours on your wedding day. Accommodations can always be made if this amount of time is not possible. However, this would allow the stylist to rush there and insure that the bride’s special day to be one she can cherish for the rest of her life.
  •  We will make your makeup and hair looking fresh and last through the night. You can choose either one of our stylists to be on standby to do a touch-up or we can teach you to do it yourself by providing the Jira Couture Cosmetics touchup kit.
  •  Our team has a positive energy, is open, and readily available to answer any questions you may have.
  •  We love to arrive on time, be good listeners, and also focus on what makeup and hair look would best fit you and also give an honestly opinion for the look
  •  We use the best band of cosmetics such as Chanel, Nars, Dior, Mac, Shu, and Jira Couture Cosmetics, NYC.
  • Cleanliness and sanitation is held to the highest standard. We only use clean brushes and cosmetics and ensure that proper hygiene procedures are practiced.
  • Consultations include trial makeup and hair with after photos which take around 2-3 hours. This will allow time for the bride to give feedback on the work and room to make any adjustments. This amount of time minimizes surprises on the actual wedding day. We always appreciate feedback after you receive the trial photos.
  • For more information regarding the Trial session; please see “Makeup and Hair Session in 5 Easy Steps”.
  • A full service salon is available. Services include cut, color, highlight, hair extensions, wax, beauty treatments, and Jira Couture hair accessories.
  • We have a good connection and great reputation with all professional vendors in the Bay Area. We can give you recommendations and guarantee you will have the best service possible.