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Cathedral Grove at Saratoga Springs Wedding : Annie & Brian

Japanese makeover


Photography : Vivian Chen

Review on Yelp, 8/31/2013

I just had my trial hair and makeup session for my wedding with Yoong today and was so pleased with the experience! Yoong was a true professional, warm, friendly and knowledgeable. I wasn’t sure what exactly I wanted to do in terms of my hair and makeup on my big day other than that I wanted my makeup to be natural and that I didn’t want a tight updo. As she was applying my makeup, Yoong was meticulous in taking a step back throughout the process to see how the shades and application looked. She was very precise with her technique, making my face look flawless and glowing. I felt her years of experience was evident in her brush strokes, airbrush application and touch-ups. The makeup was beautiful, enhancing my features and making me look better than I thought possible. :) Yoong was also a great listener when it came to my hair. As she tried first a half-do and then a loose look per my request, she really showed each option at its best (which of course her talent made it even harder for me to decide which style to go with :) ) The half-do was very intricate and pinned beautifully and the loose look was pretty as well. With both styles, she made my hair look shiny and gorgeous! Throughout the session, I also really appreciated the tips Yoong gave me for the days up to my wedding. I also enjoyed meeting the owner, Jira. She was very warm and friendly and took the time to ask about the wedding and what I was hoping to achieve in terms of my look on my big day. Both of them were wonderful! One plus is that Wowpretty also features their own cosmetic line, JiraCouture. I wasn’t pressured to buy but I wanted to anyway because the lip gloss Yoong applied was so pretty and could conveniently be used for touch-ups on the big day. I also really appreciated that they carried hair accessories which Yoong was able to incorporate during my trial session and it was really nice that they sell these as well at a really reasonable price. All in all, I walked out very happy and can’t wait for the big day. With all the planning for the big day, I feel so happy knowing that my bridal party’s hair and makeup as well as my own will be one less thing to worry about in JiraCouture team’s trusted and knowledgeable hands.

Annie ~ :)

Makeup and Hair : Yoong of Wowpretty Makeup and Hair Agency