Jira Couture Cosmetics, NYC

Brand Story
Wowpretty Makeup and Hair Agency (wowpretty.com) officially launches “Jira Couture”, a new line of natural cosmetics and skin care. In 1994 Wowpretty’s experience and knowledge came from studying, working, and executing specialty weddings in Asia, Europe, and The United States.

Jira Couture cosmetics was created because of our Wowpretty clients and Brides were always requesting good quality products that would be chemical free, hypoallergenic, natural, and contain organic ingredients for their everyday use and easy to use with less steps for their busy day while looking their absolute best. Our products are easy to use, simple to understand but with less steps in applying, and you get the best look ever. You don’t ever need to use so many daily products, waste time and money in order to get the best look. Jira Couture cosmetics are high quality like the high end brands but at reasonable price.  Jira Couture cosmetics is the best cosmetic solution for the women with a heavy business schedule or a night out. Our cosmetics are not just only for the bride to be but also for a woman who cares about herself and wants every day to be a special day because we know a ”Woman’s beauty is so important and we want to make every day special”

Cosmetics and Skin Care, all in one

Jira Couture, manufactured in New York, offers remarkably natural ingredients of the highest quality such as minerals, paraben free, pure natural organic ingredients providing vitamins, anti oxidants, chemical-free ingredients, and sun protection with rejuvenating skin “SKIN CARE TREATMENT BASE” , hypoallergenic properties and the most importantly multi purpose use. Jira Couture Cosmetics are approved and insured. We are approved by the FDA.

Jira Couture Cosmetics are up to date with the trends of the cosmetic industry. In fact, judging by the massive success of Jira’s makeup lessons, she is setting the trends of the industry with new products and colors for every season.


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