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A- Line Cut and Color

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Hair Stylist : Jira

Cut and Ombre Color

ombra ombre ombre

A cut and Ombre hair color

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Jira is a lifesaver!! I’ve done a makeup class last year with my sister- AMAZING!!! I didn’t know my face could even be that beautiful! So I came in with a vague idea of a haircut, came our with this crazy awesome Ombré. My first time! And who better than the famous Jira. Must come again. Forever. And her make up products are awesome. She picks products that I would never think of trying but turns out perfect on my face! Love her and love this salon 100 stars :)     Vivian~

Before and After Cuts, Color, Ombre, Balayage, Brazilian Blowout

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Before and After a Cut, Color, Highlights, Brazilian Blowout

I never share much to anyone, I have been doing cuts, color around 20 years since 1994. I do take clients but by appointment “ONLY VIP client, client requests me”
So today One of my lovely past brides. 4 years ago I still remember how beautiful she was with a handsome husband but today we did a nice look for her, not a bride anymore- but a cut, color, and Brazilian blowout. Here is a before and after picture. Love my clients, love my past brides, love my bride to be. 

branzilian blowouthighlights

5.0 star rating on YELP

Absolutely amazed by this salon! Gorgeous interior and very friendly people working there. Just had my hair cut, color and, the best part, Brazilian blowout. I love it, it came out exactly how I have imagined my look. My hair was done by Jira, and she is a true professional. I have met her 4 years ago, when she did my make-up and hair for my wedding. Loved it then and love it now.
100% recommend Jira Couture NYC salon in Burlingame, CAAnastasia K.

Before and After : Hair Color Correction

Judith made a boo boo… She bought hair color OUT OF THE BOX from Walgreen’s. She was so upset, but after a trip To Jira Couture Salon we fixed her up! She is so happy now!

before and after haircolorhair color correction

Makeover Haircut

Most brides need to have long hair for their wedding day but after that it’s time to chop the hair. Today, It was so exciting to give a new short hair look to Sarahlee who was one of our Wowpretty brides last Sept! Sarahlee looks younger and hotter with her new short hair. Love It! Location: Wowpretty salon in San Mateo, CA

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Wowpretty Makeup Hair Agency Showcase Wedding Northern – Southern California

A little quick tip from Wowpretty Makeup Hair Agency Showcase Wedding Northern – Southern California.
Makeup and Hair done by Jira, Elena, Yoong, Nancy, Anna, Vinnie, and Sooyeon, Cosmetics by Jira Couture, NYC

Asian wedding, India Wedding, Makeup Hair Wedding in California

Palace Hotel San Francisco Wedding Photos: Katherine & Andy

Dear Jira

Thank you SO MUCH Jira for making me beautiful last night and helping me out for my wedding dress . Without your help I may cry – haha I feel so lucky to have you as my makeup artist and hair stylist. We will contact you after we come back from honeymoon and Andy said he will do his hair with only you. Haha :) keep me posted!

Katherine Kim (Palace Hotel SF Asian Korean wedding makeup) ~

palace Hotel SF Asian wedding makeup

Dear Katherine,  Lucky that I know how to wear and adjust a White dress so well. With Wowpretty 18 years experience we wanted to make sure that Katherine/Bride looked perfect on her White Dress!!   I always would love to do for you. Jira ~

Wowpretty Has to say Thank you for All the beautiful Wedding pictures by True Photography

Makeup and Hair by Jira of Wowpretty

Cosmetics by Jira Couture, NYC

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Korean Wedding makeup hair

Color Time!

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