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Wowpretty Makeup, Skin Care and Hair Lesson


I had so much fun with  Stephanie Lee (bride to be) for her Makeup and Hair Lesson and Here ‘s the before & after Make up & hair pic, done by herself / cosmetics : Jira Couture, NYC!

About The Makeup, Skin Care, and Hair Lesson: The classes are good for a future bride who wants to do her own makeup and hair on her wedding day. But even if your a mother who has a busy schedule happily married woman wanting to still look great, a single woman getting ready for that special date with someone you met online, or even a new makeup artist and hair stylist who want to get advance teaching. If you’re talented why not? We can show and share what you need to know. Read more about Wowpretty Makeup, Skin Care, and Hair lessons

The Wowpretty Professional Makeup and Hair Agency ( and Jira Couture Cosmetics, NYC ( also have come together to offer you Makeup and Hair Lessons page. We realize and hear how important a woman’s beauty influence is in her daily life. So we have created a makeup, skin care, and hair lessons page to offer everyone who needs and wants to understand what beauty is. Learn advance tricks for your everyday makeup, skin care, and hair lessons without paying any money. We will introduce you to great cosmetics from all over the world, interesting articles, photos about makeup, Hair and skin care. On this page ” Makeup Hair Lesson Page” you will also find useful advice about using your cosmetics properly.

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