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Makeup Lesson Wowpretty Makeup, Skin Care and Hair Lesson

dark skin makeover

Have not posted so long before and after makeup lesson. One of our clients today was Katie, for a 30 min makeup lesson. she looks for a daily without using
foundation but want her skin is 100% flawless, Hum!
She had problems to find a right concealer to suit her skin color. she also looks for a pretty good nude lip
pencil and color to make her lips pop more.

Here are the before/ after pictures. After makeup picture done by her.

Get The Look,
Dual concealer in Warm Honey for under eyes and redness spots,
Satin Glow for all over the face,
Lip color : Lip Mousse in Nude Blush “Limited edition”
Lip Pencil : Waterproof gel lip liner in Naked!

Makeup Lesson : Makeup Hair Lessons,

Cosmetics : Jira Couture Cosmetics, NYC

Wowpretty Makeup Tutorial!!!!

Cosmetics : JiraCouture, NYC
Makeup Artist : Angie of Wowpretty

Why The Concealer Is So Important?

Concealer? Honestly, in Asia, 80% of Asian women don’t know what it is. The aim of concealer is same aim as Asian makeup artists have…

Asian women pay attention more to the foundation which is not necessary, becuase most Asian women have perfect facial skin… they use the foundation to cover their perfect skin (which is self defeating), and is not necessary. They should use the concealer instead or more often because dark circles under eyes are still visible through foundation. You can use a founation when you need only but concealer is more important.

On the other hand women in the US and Europe are spending money more for concealer but not foundation. Some of them can’t live w/o the concealer and me. Concealer makes so much difference if you can find nice texture, cut well your dark circles and brighten up your eyes the same (2 in one). The most inportant the concealer texture should be very moist and not dry up your eyes area, otherwise you will see the visible lines (wrinkles) so we use the concealer to reduce but not produce more lines after applied and perfect coverage the dark circleafter applied and perfect coverage the dark circle. I have heard from my clients that it is hard to find a good concealer. So I created the Dual Action Concealer- it helps instantly brighten the eye area and gradually improve skin texture, while neutralizing dark circles. Long-wearing enriched with moisturizing plus Hypoallergenic and Anti-aging (included¬†Camellia ingredient = ¬†Camellia oil benefits include skin care too. As in case of hair, it is a good moisturizer for skin. This oil is easily absorbed by the skin, without making it too oily. Apart from moisturizing the skin, it forms a coating that seals in moisture. Applying camellia oil is good for preventing damage from sun. It is also said to be good for reducing the signs of aging like wrinkles and age spots. This oil is used for healing wounds and soothing skin irritations. It is also said to be effective in fading scars with long-term use).

I cannot live without the Dual Action Concealer, and neither should you. All Wowpretty stylists use this one.

Jiracouture concealer