Frequently Asked Questions


Wowpretty Fun Acronyms

WP = Wowpretty

JC = Jira Couture Cosmetics

M = Makeup

H = Hair

M&H = Makeup and Hair

A/B = Airbrush

B = Bride

BM = Bridesmaid

MOG = Mother of the Groom

MOM = Mother of the Bride

G = Groom


General Questions

What is WP?

WP Makeup and Hair Agency was started in 1993 in Asia and moved to San Francisco Bay Area in 2000. WP is composed of 24 professional stylists. These stylists are Jira (Founder), 7 Master Stylists, and 16 Senior Stylists. These stylists are all professionally trained to go through a master screening process. They each have at least 10 years experience with airbrush technique, cosmetology licenses and use their talents to bring out each bride’s unique style.

Where are your locations and what does WP M&H do?

We are now in our 22nd year providing services for bridal hair, make-up at our new location downtown Burlingame “”and full salon services for cut, color, nail, facial, lash extensions, spray tan, makeup lessons, more….

What is the difference between you and other makeup artists?

See the WP are different attachment!


Reserve a Wedding Day/ a Service

Can I reserve my wedding day or my event without a deposit?

Unfortunately we request a deposit of 50% for every service booked.

Your event/wedding day is so important to us so we highly recommend that you reserve your event/wedding day and time as soon as possible. Our schedule changes daily and the stylist schedules also change daily and a day cannot be booked without the deposit.

How can I reserve a day?

We require a deposit of 50% for every service chosen (payable by credit card, paypal, check or cash) as well as a signed contract (a signed contract is only for a wedding day service) but if you are a former customer you will get a VIP pass and no deposit is needed.

Please note when using

credit cards or debit cards, there will be a 2.75% fee that will be applied from our charging service, however the services do not include tax.

I m concerned about the booking of my wedding and I would like to have a trial session prior to signing a contract for my Trial/Wedding day.  Can I have a trial session first and then book the wedding day after that?

Of course you can, you can do everything. We will not pressure you for that but the thing is even when you book your trial day with us we cannot guarantee your wedding day. Our schedule changes daily and the stylist schedules also change daily and a day cannot be booked without reserving your day.



San Francisco / Bay Area Makeup and Hair for Bride Wedding Services

  • A Weekend Wedding Service rate ranges start at $350+*
  • A Weekday Wedding/ San Francisco City Hall Wedding service rate ranges start at $250+*
  • Trial Session, Engagement Photo, or Pre-Wedding rate ranges start at $150+*
  • A Makeup and Hair Event, Model / Photo Shoot, or Prom rate ranges start at $125+*
  • Destination weddings: Same rates apply in addition for 1-3 nights hotel accommodations 
    in addition to travel fees, including airfare.

        *The price will be increasing depending on which stylist you choose, the time needed to be complete the M&H, location, and date.

Wowpretty complimentary makeup application includes eyelashes/ without lashes and airbrush/normal foundation, You  Choose your option.

What about my bridesmaids/ additional women who just wants eye makeup or lashes?

      – Airbrush foundation includes Hi-light and Contour $30

      – Lashes Application includes Mascara and Eyeliner (no Lashes) $25

      – Individual lash application includes Lashes, Mascara, and Eyeliner (No eye Shadow) $35

      – Strip Lash application includes Lashes, Mascara, and Eyeliner (No eye shadow) $30

      – Eye Shadow application includes eye liner (no Lashes) $30

      – Eye Shadow + either Strip lash or Individual lash, Mascara, eyeliner  $60

Is M&H for an additional woman the same as M&H for a BM, a MOM,or Sister?

Yes, they are equal and charge the same rate

How much does it cost for a groom / man makeup and hair service?

A groom makeup and hair $100


Do you charge the same price for short hair style sand long hard hair updo styles?
We make it easy so any hairstyle is the same price and we won’t charge more for long hairstyles or hard hairstyles.

How much does it cost for a flat iron and blow dry?

It will be $50

What about if I have curly hair and want you to straightened my hair?

If you have curly hair and want it straightened, please do it ahead of time. Otherwise, we will do it

upon request for an additional fee of $50 and please notify us in advance.

Do you have touchup services?

Yes, We have two Additional Touch Up Services

      1. Diamond touchup service

When you book the wedding package, one of WP Master Stylists will go back to your location and provide a new look of makeup and hairstyle for the bride along with an additional women who booked only the wedding package (Local Bay Area travel, tolls, and parking are included in the price of the diamond touchup services $300-400)

      2. Platinum touchup service

Once the initial makeup and hair is done, a Master Stylist will remain and stay with the bride the whole time on site for the touch up service along with additional women who only booked the wedding package. It will be $100/ hour, up to 5 hours Platinum touchup service with our Master Stylist and they will provide a new look of makeup and hair style for the bride. (Local Bay Area travel, tolls, and parking are included in the price of the diamond touchup services)

Do you have any makeup lessons? I want to learn and do my own makeup and hair for my wedding and/or want to do better applying my daily makeup and hair, do you have classes?

Yes we have makeup lessons… attached

What makeup application is included?

We include Airbrush, lashes, full makeup, and body powder on your wedding day. We won’t charge extra for the airbrush and lashes as other companies do but if you don’t want them the price will be the same

Do you charge time to add on hair extension?

No, We don’t charge for adding hair extensions

Do you sell hair pins or hair accessories?

Do you have any hair accessories that you can recommend me?

Do you have a veil to try on my trial day?

Yes we can and we have plenty to choose from. Please stop by at our studio.

What should I do to prepare for my engagement photos, city hall wedding, makeup, and hair event photos?

See the WP M&H recommendations attached!

I want a stylist along with my engagement photos?

Yes you can have a stylist stay but it will be touchup along with an hourly fee. We do not recommend you have a stylist go with you unless you need to change the 2nd look for hair or/and makeup. For the Makeup we will stay all day, every day as well as for the hair styles. We can also show you how to take care of your own makeup touchup during that day. This way you won’t endure the cost of a fee for the stylist.

Can you please recommend good hair extensions for me?

Yes, We can. WP has our own hair extensions at our studio. We can show you the hair extension and try them on you for no additional fee. WP hair extensions are made from human hair and are smooth and silky. You will be able to wash, color, and use heater as much as you need. We have two popular siz

      -18” / 4 pieces =$150, one piece $40


How should I prepare my hair before I come to see you?

For a half updo hairstyle, we recommend a high layer cut and for the updo hairstyle, we recommend low layer cut. You can stop by our salon to get the cut you like before your day.

I ‘ve heard your stylists would do cut and color before/ after our wedding day or /and for any salon services?

Yes, WP stylists can do hair and are good for coloring. We also do nails, waxing, facials, and massage at our studio in San Mateo. Attached for the address &Salon

What recommendations do you have for me to prepare myself before my wedding day?

WP wedding day recommendation, attached!

When will I get my timeline for the wedding day?

How can I update my wedding information or my makeup and hair photos?

We recommend 2-3 weeks before your wedding day to update of your wedding information and the finish time for the M&H, You will also receive the makeup and hair timeline 2-3 weeks before your wedding day as well.

I don’t know what look I want for makeup and hair, what should I do?

We recommend you to go online (Google) or look at some makeup and hair magazine to get some ideas or you can view our stylist portfolios from past makeup and hair photo’s we have done.


Groom Services

I’ve heard a groom/ man needs makeup too?

Yes, Most of our Grooms/Men need a makeup application of light powder, some concealer for the dark circles if needed, groom the eyebrows, contour shading on the jaw line and use some lip balm

What is a groom hair style that you could do?

We would love for your groom to get the right cut before the big day. In the past many groom’s want us to give them a great looking hairstyle on the wedding day but unfortunately they didn’t get a good hair cut so it is hard to give them a nice looking style, but it will be the best if you could come to our salon to get a haircut before the wedding day.


Salon Services

What is your salon location and salon pricing?

Pricing and salon info found here,, 415 871 5512


WP Additional Fees

Are there any additional fees?

      – If the bridal party needs to get ready for the wedding at two locations, you will be charged for those two locations. But we do recommend to have    everyone at one location so we will charge you one location/travel fee.

      – Start time is 9am.  Earlier than 9am is an additional $25/ hour per Stylist.

      – Parking fee/ Valet fee for WP Stylists to be provided by the client.  If the work is to be done at the client’s home, please provide parking for the stylist.

      – Credit card will be charged for a fee of 2.75% by

 Is your tax included for your services?

No, we do not charge tax.

What about gratuity to stylists?

Yes, of course. Wedding makeup and hair services are the same as salon services

Our stylists take their work very seriously. If the services by your WP Stylists have made you happy

you’re welcome to give a gratuity.


How can I choose a stylist?

This is an everyday question but it’s the easiest to do.

1st Please view our stylist portfolio. If you see your wedding makeup and hairstyles that you want on your wedding day on any stylist portfolio, this will be a good way to tell that the stylist is good fit for you for your wedding day look.

2nd You can then check each stylist wedding day rate

Please note: Jira of WP can assist you in choosing one of the WP stylists to fit your wedding style and budget. If Jira is available she will assist you on your wedding trial day as well.


Trial session details

What should I do before my trial session?

WP trial day recommendation, attached!

How long should it take to get my Trial photos?

Within one week after the trial session

After my trial session, how long would I have to decide to hire you?

One week after your trial session

Can I do a trial / engagement photo at my location?

Yes of course you can but it will be on a location rate plus travel fees to go there, not the studio rate.

We recommend please come to our studio in Burlingame

Is a trial service included in the wedding package?

Can we have credit for a trial service toward the wedding day service?
A trial service is not included in a wedding package and cannot go toward a wedding day service.
It is a totally separate service.

Can I skip a trial session?

Yes, you can, it is not necessary if you know and are sure about the M&H look you want on your wedding day.

Can I have a free trial session?

I had a trial session at another vendor and spent so much money on that. Can I have a free a trial with you?

No, this we cannot do.

Will the M&H trial look exactly the same on the wedding day?

Yes, The same look and feel will be 100 perfect on the wedding day. We want to make sure the hair do and everything else will stay all day. But the goal of trial session is to just give you an idea of the look that will work for you but won’t be 100% perfect.

Important note
We will save your wedding day after the trial for one week. After that the stylist must be available to take other clients! First come first served. Your deposit holds the day, remember this is YOUR SPECIAL DAY!


Production Time

How much time will be needed for production time?

       – A trial will take up to 3 hours
- A trial & Engagement M&H the same day with photo’s can take up to 3 hours

       – An additional women M&H trial can take up to 2 hours

      – M&H for a bride on the wedding day takes up to 2.00-3 hours depending on the styles

      – M&H for additional woman 1-1.30 hours

      – An engagement photo, prom can take up to 1.30 hours

      – Either hair or makeup service for additional women needs 30-45 minutes

      – Touch up for changing to a new hairstyle needs 0.30-1 hour

      – A groom’s Makeup and Hair can take up to 45 minutes


WP Policy?

What is your policy?

The WP policy is first come, first serve and no date is guaranteed until a deposit is made and we have a signed service contract.

 What is WP cancellation policy
A client may cancel at any time and the client agrees to provide the vendor as much advance notice as possible. Cancellations must be made in writing by certified mail. If a cancellation arises less than three days from the wedding date the client must also contact the Vendor by telephone to communicate cancellation of Services. Cancellation does not result in a refund of the deposit by our policy.

What about if a WP stylist cancels?

In the very unlikely event the Stylist may not be available due to extraordinary circumstances the vendor will notify the client by certified mail and provide a substitute stylist of equal skill and ability. Under these circumstances if there is a reduction in costs the vendor will refund the amount difference to client. If the client selects to not accept the substitute stylist the client will receive a full refund of the deposit.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my services?

The client may upgrade services at anytime. Upon an increase of services the client agrees to pay the vendor fifty percent (50%) of the increase services amount as additional deposit. In the event the client downgrades or reduces services the deposit amount is not reduced so that in this case, WP recommends the client to find a new company/stylist but the deposit will not be returned


WP Extra Treats

Can you provide me some tricks for touchup makeup and hair for myself?

Yes, we can show and teach you how to take care of your own touchup without any cost and also we could suggest to you to get good touchup products like lip color, gloss, lip pencil, or the right color of a pressed powder for your special day.

 WP Complimentary

How does the 1/2 hr touch up work?

The M&H touchup will start when the bride is done M&H. You will need us as you are getting ready, putting on the veil, making sure everything is perfect and you are ready to go for the photos and the rest of your big day.


Contact Us

I would like to talk to somebody about my preferred style, what should I do?

I would like to talk to my stylist that I choose, what should I do?

Can I get my stylist contact information / or the phone number?

Jira would be available to give you all the best answers and as much information as you need. So please contact her. We will give you your stylist phone number 2-3 weeks before your wedding day, which is the same day that you received your wedding time line.

How can I contact Jira of WP?

I have more questions. Who should I contact?

Please we really recommend you to email her first at or call 415-871-5512

How can I make an appointment with you for my wedding day / salon/ event?

The best way is fill out the form at

Or call Jira/ 415-871-5512. We don’t take any walk-ins.