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Tinted Primer Broad Spectrum SPF20

Many clients have asked me why I made Tinted + Primer + SPF 20. I made it because TIME is so very important and most clients have a limited of the time for daily makeup application but this has all 3 in one; Tinted ( a light sheer foundation perfect coverage), Primer ( includes a rich moisturizer to create give a dewy but not oily flawless look and enough coverage) and SPF 20 ( please every body needs it for protection) =This tinted is for special clients who have busy schedules, young moms to professional women who want one step and the best result! It’s like a BB but more coverage and lighter weight!!!JiraCouture Tinted Primer SPF20  Cosmetics : www.JiraCouture.com


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Color Stick – Lips

Color stick lips


Achieve an ultra modern, jewel-like gloss that glides on smoothly and shines brilliantly. Propel/repel crayon component ensures ease of application for lips that are silky smooth and oh-so sexy. No sharpening required.

Available in 6 shades at Jiracouture.com

Officially, Jira Couture Cosmetics on Blush.com

Jira Couture Cosmetics Available to purchase on Blush.com

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California Academy of Sciences Engagement Photos: Jodie + Blair


bay area makeup engagement photo bay area hair engagement photo

Cosmetics by Jira Couture

-Pressed Foundation SPF15 “Cream

-Bronzer ” Spice Twice

-Signature Shadow trio “Rendezvous”

-Mineral Lip mousse “Burnt Sienna

Photo by Vero Photography

Jira Couture Lips

Jira Couture Lip gloss, Lip Mousse

Vacation with JC Moisturizing Lip Luxury Gloss

Description:Pure brilliance! Luxury Gloss combines Luxurious color with high shine, while treating lips with age-defying benefits.

Innovative polymer technology provides lasting comfort, shine and hydration. A soothing blend of oils, including Castor Seed, Soybean and Moroccan Argan, condition and hydrate, smoothing the appearance of vertical lines and wrinkles so lips look softer and younger, Wears beautifully alone or over her favorite lip color.

Deliver antioxidant protection with Vitamins E and C. Helps soothe and heal dry lips with Aloe and Silica. Hypoallergenic and paraben-free. 12 dazzling color glide on with ease with our built- in brush applicator

How to Apply Lips, please visit Jiracouture.com

vacation with Jira Couture lip gloss

Wedding Flower with JC Blush

Description: Hypoallergenic. Satin-like pressed formula floats over skin creating a healthy glow. Luxurious and long-wearing finish brushes on easily without streaking or need for blending.

How to apply blush to complement your face shape, Please visitJiracouture.com


Featured Trial Session for a 2012 Wedding

Perfect Timing; The time of day for your wedding will affect your makeup choices. A more natural look for a morning wedding varies greatly from the more dramatic look of an evening ceremony.  The way the sunlight changes throughout the day can influence the way your makeup appears in photos.

We divide brides into 4 Categories, based on the time of day they ‘re getting married: Morning, midday, late afternoon, and evening. With each time choice, there are certain details you’ll want to consider. Paying attention to there details can help you get the look, and the wedding photos, of your dreams

Wowpretty showcases a trial session for a 2012 wedding, Monica, who is  one of Wowpretty brides for midday wedding in City hall. The makeup is best inside City Hall and Outdoors after her ceremony.

Wowpretty prefers to take photos in the natural light  to see ALL the makeup and hair details. No photoshop needed to adjust any color or skin and Makeup and hair.  we also need to take all 360  degree photos of her in order to her to  see all the angles.      We are so honored to be a just  small part of her/ all weddings in 2012!!Featured Trial Session Makeup and Hair

New JiraCouture 2012~ Coming Soon!

New JiraCouture 2012~ Coming Soon!