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Jira Couture Hypoallergenic, Anti-Aging, Mineral Cosmetics

Jira Couture Cosmetics was created because our Wowpretty clients and brides were always requesting us for good quality products that would be chemical free, hypoallergenic, anti-aging, mineral, natural and contain organic ingredients. The cosmetics are based on a minimalist formula created by Jira. The idea is you don’t need use so much to get the look desired. Our line is for everyday use and ease of use. You don’t need to use so many daily products (and waste so much time and money) in order to get the best look. Jira Couture Cosmetics is the best solution for the woman with a heavy business schedule or a memorable night out. Our cosmetics are not just only for the bride to be but also for a woman who cares about herself and wants every day to be a special day because we know a “woman’s beauty is so important and we want to make every day special”.


The Wowpretty team would like to announce private makeup tutorials by Jira herself and the Wowpretty team.

Hypoallergenic, Anit aging, Meniral cosmetics

Flood Mansion San Francisco Wedding VDO: Serena & Alan

Reviewed on Yelp

Jira is a makeup super-hira!  (Superhero, for those who can’t “hear” the phonetic fun.)

Jira was my hair and makeup stylist for my wedding and her team also did the hair and makeup for my five bridesmaids. Everyone looked incredible and everyone’s hair and makeup lasted well through the entire wedding (a good 8 hours and beyond).

I purposely waited a while to write this review because I wanted to see all my wedding photos and my wedding video to do a true rating.  Truly 5 stars – everyone (especially me!) looked radiant in all mediums.  It doesn’t surprise me though because the way I found out about Wowpretty/Jira is THROUGH a video.  (I was screening for videographers and I saw a Thomas Hughes video – review to come – and one bride’s makeup was just natural, glowing and beautiful and I said, “I want that look!” and I saw her credits on the video’s website.)

I did a trial session with Jira and it was totally worth it.  Some people think it’s pricey to do, but hey, would you buy a car without taking it for a test drive?  It’s your wedding and you’ve got to make sure that the stylist makes you look your best and that you still feel like “you”, only more gorgeous on your wedding day!

This is how much I endorse Jira:
1)  I entrusted her to cut my long hair for my pre-wedding haircut.  Not only was it optimal for the updo I had chosen, but months later, it remained an all-around awesome haircut.

2)  My Maid of Honor hired Jira to do her makeup for a special event (outside of my wedding events)and even hired her for makeup lessons.

3)  I ONLY wanted Jira to do my hair and makeup.  She has a very talented crew, but I wanted the best of the best!

My bridemaids and I looked amazingly beautiful on my wedding day, Jira and her team were on time and very professional and Jira was very responsive to any questions or style requests.  Magnifique!

Seran & Alan~


Cinematographer: Thomas Hughes Films, Event Site: James Leary Flood Mansion, Planner: Tickled Events, Florist: Poppy’s Petalworks, Photographer: Matthew May Photography, Cake: Montclair Baking, DJ: Spintronix, Strings: Music Rack – San Francisco Conservatory, Make-Up/Hair: WowPretty

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