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Wowpretty Makeup Tutorial!!!!

Cosmetics : JiraCouture, NYC
Makeup Artist : Angie of Wowpretty

Tinted Primer Broad Spectrum SPF20

Many clients have asked me why I made Tinted + Primer + SPF 20. I made it because TIME is so very important and most clients have a limited of the time for daily makeup application but this has all 3 in one; Tinted ( a light sheer foundation perfect coverage), Primer ( includes a rich moisturizer to create give a dewy but not oily flawless look and enough coverage) and SPF 20 ( please every body needs it for protection) =This tinted is for special clients who have busy schedules, young moms to professional women who want one step and the best result! It’s like a BB but more coverage and lighter weight!!!JiraCouture Tinted Primer SPF20  Cosmetics :