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India Wedding Makeup and Hair

India Wedding Makeup and Hair. M&H : Elena of Wowpretty.com
India wedding makeup and hair

Wowpretty Makeup, Skin Care and Hair Lesson

Pure, one of Wowpretty’s brides in 2009, we still remember how beautiful she was in her white dress at Memorial Hotel in SF.Pure came to a Wowpretty makeup lesson immediately when she found about it. She is concerned her skin redness which she doesn’t want to see anymore and She wanted to learn a technique that’s easy for her day to day use and correct her eye for color applications.

And this before/after picture : Makeup done by Pure. These were all done using only Jiracouture products!
Cosmetics : Jira Couture Cosmetics, NYC  Makeup Class : Wowpretty Makeup and Hair

before after for redness skin

Transform Day – Night Makeup

Many Wowpretty / Jira Couture clients keep asking us to showcase before and after photos and showing them how to get the look of transform day-night makeup. Here you go! Only one SuperWear Gel Pencil Liner makes the model’s eyes go from day time look to the smokey eyes look.

Makeup and Hair : Jira of Wowpretty
Cosmetics : Jira Couture, NYC

before and after makeover day makeup flawless look day makeup cosmetic transform night makeup






Thank you for this photography shoot : Tae Tedd Moon, Jaimie Jeong Kim and Stanley Kim of SJPhotocreation.com
Location: SJ Photo Creation studio in SM ( Nice, cory and hi-end studio)
Awesome model Ania Gerasimova Spiering 

San Francisco Bay Area Engagement Photos: Kannika +William

Kannika was a bride in 2013. The right picture is hair trial makeup and hair photo. It is good idea that you do a trial makeup and hair the same day as your engagement photos so that you test out the photos before the wedding day.

Kannika booked her wedding day before her trial day. Here is some of her trial. Congratulations on her wedding day again!

Makeup and Hair Jira of Wowpretty

Cosmetics: Jira Couture Mineral Cosmetics, New York, USA

San Francisco bay area wedding photo kannika2


Reviewed on Yelp.com

WowPretty did a wonderful job on my H&M for my wedding day in September 2013. Jira was my stylist and she arrived promptly and did her magic. She was able to deliver what I envisioned for my hair and gave me realistic expectations for that style with my outdoor ceremony in the damp ocean weather. The airbrush makeup stayed on till the end of the night and didn’t feel heavy at all. My H&M looked great in pictures. I would definitely recommend WowPretty to do H&M for any special event. You would be in good hands. Kannika~


Wowpretty Makeup, Skin Care and Hair Lesson

Jane, 40 years old who works in a Hospital looks so young and wants to stay feeling young everyday. She told me how she wants to feel good with her own beauty and that she has a hard time finding the right foundation. So finally she came to take a WP makeup class to get a wedding makeup look and a look with a good light foundation that can stay on her even when she is sweating in the operating room. While working she has to wear a surgical mask across fer face but her foundation becomes messy and sticks to the mask. She also doesn’t like the foundation that she has been using. Her 19 years old son just bought her cosmetic gifts (pic) he wanted her to use and feel young like her look.

So here are the before/after pics. In the class we showed her tricks how to use her gift cosmetics , recommended to her the correct right light foundation, and highly recommended her a concealer. She is so happy and booked us for another class with her girlfriends.makeup lesson dark skin