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Destination Wedding at The Meritage Resort and Spa in Napa

Mckenzie and Shane contacted me last year regarding makeup and hair for their destination wedding at the Meritage Resort and Spa in Napa! They also wanted us to take care of her 6 bridesmaids and 2 mothers. Since they came in from Florida, they could not have a trial session.

Even though it rained all day, we as makeup artists had to make sure the makeup and hair was perfect and would last all day. The curl for all the ladies lasted all day into the night and they sent us a letter saying “thanks for making us look beautiful”. We also use a technique developed by Jira that keeps the makeup on all day WITHOUT TOUCHUPS! Here the pictures of the day…

Always thank you to all of our lovely clients past and future and remember…

“Every day is special!”  Love!!
Maritage Makeup Hair StylistMaritage Makeup Hair Wedding DayWedding day Makeup at Maritage Makeup Hair

Thank you card from a bride

Wedding Venue – The Meritage Resort and Spa in Napa, California

Wedding Planning and Coordination – Lisa Bravo of Amy Bridges Events

Photography – Brian MacStay Photography

Second Photographer – Dario Levintini

Hair and Makeup – Jira, Anna, Sunshine of Wowpretty

Cosmetics : JiraCouture, NYC


Wowpretty Makeup, Skin Care and Hair Lesson

Audra is summer bride in Napa, she booked a WP makeup lesson- applying wedding makeup. She wants to do her own wedding makeup.

Before and after pictures done by Audra and this is the first time for Audra to apple her own makeup.

Cosmetics : Jira Couture Cosmetics, NYC

makeup lesson san francisco

Wowpretty Makeup, Skin Care and Hair Lesson

One of WP makeup lesson groups today, They are only 16 years old and look for a young fun look and learn lash application trick!! We have so many fun with them!!!

Here is before and after pictures, makeup done by Clients.

Cosmetics :Jira Couture Cosmetics, NYC

sister makeup lesson

Wowpretty Makeup, Skin Care and Hair Lesson

4 girl group today for the WP makeup class! Sunshine of Wowpretty Makeup and Hair was the only instructor, but we had a blast!!!

Here is before and after pictures, makeup done by Clients.
Cosmetics : Jira Couture Cosmetics, NYC

Group Makeup lesson

Wowpretty Makeup, Skin Care and Hair Lesson

We Love to teach the makeup lesson!! None stop bookings! And This is one of today classes “my best friend” makeup  class, 2 beautiful young moms “Lily and Ella”, They wanted to learn some update makeup and hair techniques. Before and after makeup Hair done by Lily and Ella Wong!!
Cosmetics : Jira Couture Cosmetics, NYC,makeover asian makeup



Wowpretty Makeup, Skin Care and Hair Lesson

Happy Friday!!
Our WP makeup student today is Naja! She’s a new mom who has a busy schedule… she came to class, and wanted to look flawless and lose the baggy eyes (after she had a baby, she didn’t sleep much). She wanted to learn how to contour her face and new eye applications. She said she got tired of applying the same eye application and same colors. Some makeup artists at department stores or some counters don’t know so much and didn’t understand what she really wanted!

Here before/after makeup pictures. Makeup application done by Naja,
Cosmetics : Jira Couture Cosmetics, NYC
Makeup Class : Makeup Hair Lessons &
Wowpretty Makeup and Hair Agency

fair skin makeover

Wowpretty Makeup, Skin Care and Hair Lesson

Sharon was a wowpretty bride in 2009, young mom. Today she came for the Makeup 101 intensive lesson with us. Sharon looks for both day and night looks and one for her family portrait, which is coming up next month.  She would like to learn the clear smokey eyes look, lash application and the best take care of her dark circle under eyes.

Here are her makeup before/after photos (makeup done by her)  Cosmetics : JiraCouture, NewYork

asain makeover


Wowpretty Makeup, Skin Care and Hair Lesson

Michelle ‘s (on the right) is a wedding vendor in bay area along with her best friend Jennie. They both came to  the BFF makeup class for 2 hours to  get some tricks for makeup and hair.
The class went so well, I gave her 5 eye makeup applications, contour, created nice brows, taught her how to do her own personal airbrush technique by Temptu, a key to apply foundation, liners, blushes and new lip  pencil color, hair care and also just found after the class that they were WP bride’s friend since 2008.  Time flies!    This before and after photo and the makeup and hair done by Michelle and Jennie. New York. Check more information HERE!!   

They both used, Cosmetics: JiraCouture, New York ; Tinted Premier SPF 20 in Medium , Dual Action Concealer, Finishing Powder, Eye brow Color and lip pencil in Clay, Contour Duo Powder

wowpretty makeup lesson


Wowpretty Makeup, Skin Care and Hair Lesson

Can’t wait to post this before/after pic.
Susie was a Wowpretty bride 3 years ago. I remembered that Susie loves a super natural look and super light makeup application even on her wedding day… but today it is different. Susie is very brave and tried something opposite to her personality, she tried for light smokey eyes and fake lashes without foundation need.  She did just first time on her own for the smokey eyes and fake lashes. I m so impressed that she can do this and well done!
No matter what, if you really try, you can do it… I’m so grateful to have met Susie again. 

Makeup and after makeup pics by Susie. Cosmetics : JiraCouture, NYC

asian woman makeover flawless

Wowpretty Makeup Lesson Friends and Family Package: BFF

before and after asian makeover

This is makeup lesson “GROUP”3+ with family and friends : BFF
Shienny wearing a black sweater was a WP bride in 2007. We still remembered how beautiful she was on her wedding day. Today she brought her best friends for WP group makeup class, Here are the before/after pictures. We had so such fun and good times. Love WP brides!

Cosmetics : JiraCouture, NYC

Makeup Lesson : Read More
Instructor : Angie Lyka  and Jira of Wowpretty