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Before and After : Hair Color Correction

Judith made a boo boo… She bought hair color OUT OF THE BOX from Walgreen’s. She was so upset, but after a trip To Jira Couture Salon we fixed her up! She is so happy now!

before and after haircolorhair color correction

Group Makeup Lesson “A Bridal Shower”

Group Makeup Lesson today for a bridal shower… it was so much fun. Making new clients and friends every day!
— at Jira Couture Salon, Cosmetics :

makeup lesson group

Family and Friends Lesson Makeup: GROUP

Classes continue rain or shine. Before and after a group of 5 girls makeup class today. The best instructor today, as always: Annelie Sunshine Ortiz-Lerma — at Jira Couture Cosmetics, makeup classmakeup class group

Before and after BFF makeup lesson!

makeup lesson

Before and after BFF makeup lesson today!
We haven’t posted the makeup lesson long time ago since our new salon’s opened.
Here you go!
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City Hall Wedding Makeup and Hair

city hall makeup SFasian makeup city hall

M&H: Sunshine of Wowpretty

Makeup Lesson Wowpretty Makeup, Skin Care and Hair Lesson

New record for WOWpretty makeup lessons, just hit it today for 555 students/attendants since last June 2013. THANKS again the attendants who attended the class and who are going to. THANKS who all the attendants who came more than twice (WP loves you).  ONE BIG THANKS to Angie,  Sunshine, Yoong Kao our wowpretty instructors.  And here ‘s before/after picture of WP attendant for the makeup lesson #555, Her name’s Keri, Makeup done by Kari.
Cosmetics : Jira Couture Cosmetics, NYC
Class : Wowpretty Makeup Hair Lessons
makeup lesson

Makeup Lesson Wowpretty Makeup, Skin Care and Hair Lesson

dark skin makeover

Have not posted so long before and after makeup lesson. One of our clients today was Katie, for a 30 min makeup lesson. she looks for a daily without using
foundation but want her skin is 100% flawless, Hum!
She had problems to find a right concealer to suit her skin color. she also looks for a pretty good nude lip
pencil and color to make her lips pop more.

Here are the before/ after pictures. After makeup picture done by her.

Get The Look,
Dual concealer in Warm Honey for under eyes and redness spots,
Satin Glow for all over the face,
Lip color : Lip Mousse in Nude Blush “Limited edition”
Lip Pencil : Waterproof gel lip liner in Naked!

Makeup Lesson : Makeup Hair Lessons,

Cosmetics : Jira Couture Cosmetics, NYC

Prom before and after picture

prom makeover

Before and After a City Hall Wedding Makeup and Hair : Jessica

san francisco city hall wedding makeup

M&H : Jira
Cosmetics: JiraCouture, NYC

Featured Trial Makeup and Hair Photos

before and after trial makeup picture

M&H : Jira
Cosmetics : JiraCouture, NYC